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Your central Hub for all Retail & Services related COVID-19 Resources, designed to help you navigate the levers that are available to you, as operators and owners.

The below Perks summary table lays out the key economic levers that you can leverage for your business, with a cursory indication as to the complexity of effort that each requires.

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Economic Levers for Businesses & Organisations

Last updated 23 July 2021

Complexity WORKFORCE GOVT. STIMULUS STOCK (In the event of extended lockdown) PREMISES (In the event of extended lockdown) BANKS (In the event of extended lockdown)

Leave Arrangements

Address Surplus Stock

Reduce Power

Subscription Services

Cancel Cleaning/Waste Clearing Services

Rates & Fees

Merchant Fees

P&I Conversion


State Stimulus
Support Measures

SA Emergency
Cash Grant

State Stimulus
Support Measures

SA Emergency
Cash Grant

Reduce Suppliers & Contractors

Rent Holiday

Rent Deferment

Review/Reduce Insurance Costs

Repayment Deferral


Commercial Lease Code of Conduct

Working Capital Loan

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Business cash grants and income support announced for SA COVID-19 restrictions

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Business Advisory

With thousands of South Australian businesses forced to close due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions, the State...
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Vaccinations, reasonable consultation & workplace management

Vaccinations, reasonable consultation & workplace management


HR, Business Advisory

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Useful Links

Coronavirus Assistance Available

To view your bank's response measures to COVID-19, click on their logo

Employer Toolkit Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our HR Consultancy, Perks People Solutions, has developed an easy to use Employer’s Handbook, which addresses the most common concerns and considerations for Australian workplaces during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more here

Download a customisable Work From Home policy template here.
Personal Mental Health Resources
Healthy Workplace Support
General Community Wellbeing

A selection of resources to help parents & carers to communicate and support child mental health. Specific resources for COVID-19 communications with children are also available here:

Australian Resources

National Coronavirus Helpline

Call this line if you are seeking information on coronavirus (COVID-19). The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Australian health advice:

Website for free general Australian health advice. Includes easy to understand facts and procedures:


National status, government response alerts and media releases:

  Australian travel restrictions:

Comprehensive advisory including definitions of who can enter Australia, applications for exemptions, media alerts:


General travel related updates and information:

State Health Advisory

For up-to-date information regarding reported cases, investigations & measures per State.

Australian Capital Territory

  New South Wales

  Northern Territory


  South Australia

  Northern Territory

New Zealand Resources
New Zealand health advice:

  New Zealand travel restrictions:

Global Resources
WHO (World Health Organization):

Key Contacts

Specialists in Retail Business Advisory, HR Consulting, Banking & Finance and Tax Consulting

Kim Bigg

Kim Bigg

Kim Bigg is a Director at Perks and a qualified Chartered Accountant. With more than 20 years’ experience as a business adviser, Kim is highly adept at assisting growing and established businesses across a wide range of industries.

Anita Allan

Anita Allan

Anita leads our cloud accounting specialist team, centred on creating efficiencies for our clients’ internal financial and reporting systems.

Cecilia White

Cecilia White

With a background in legal practice, Cecilia has developed strong technical expertise in all matters relating to workplace law, including awards, contracts, disciplinary matters, investigations, equal opportunity and HR policy development.

Bruce Debenham

Bruce Debenham

Bruce provides clients with tailored banking and finance solutions to best meet their business and personal requirements.

Neil Oakes

Neil Oakes

Providing tax consulting advice to small, medium and large enterprises, with specific focus in the aged-care and property industries.

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