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Make well-informed decisions with deeper and more accessible data insights.

Connectivity, reliable data, real-time insights and reporting are key for any growing business or enterprise. The key to sustainable growth is ensuring that your systems can be integrated in a way that allows to you access an accurate and timely read on your business anytime, anywhere. Our Perks Cloud Solutions Team specialises in tailored solutions for medium-sized enterprises; our goal is to equip you with a system that helps you to make smarter and more nimble decisions. Imagine what you could accomplish with all your data viewable in real-time from anywhere, at anytime and customised to your specific business’ needs and metrics.

Power up your business

Here are just a few way that we can help you power up your business:

  • Implement planning solutions that will let you produce continuous consolidated three way financial forecasts using powerful modelling tools that enable quick and easy scenario analysis
  • Automate your management and Board reporting by connecting BI tools to your source financial systems
  • Get real-time monitoring of financial performance against targets and benchmarks
  • Easily visualise operational improvements that can be implemented across your business

We work with you to understand where you want to take your business, what your key drivers are and what insights could help to guide you to your business goals. From here we work with your teams to assess your current systems and propose a solution that will meet your current and future business needs. In our work with many SMEs we know that your system needs to be able to grow with you as your business grows and most importantly, needs to be readily accessible. Our cloud-based approach means that your business data is only ever a click away and that you can rest assured knowing that it is secure and less susceptible to local system errors and failures.

Integrated Planning Solutions

As an Adaptive Insights Gold Solution Provider, we can assist you with configuration, developing and integrating this powerful, unified suite of forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analytics and consolidation tools. This solution can deliver on all your major planning and reporting needs.  It can implement complex consolidations entities using different currencies to give you a powerful snapshot of your business. We work with you to deliver a seamless integration experience for your business and teams, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business, supported by our holistic Perks implementation and support services model that covers all products that we implement on your behalf.

Custom Xero Based Solutions

If you are looking to spend less time drowning in daily administration and systems that don’t talk to one another, a custom Xero based solution may be the firepower your business needs. As one of the first Platinum Partners in Australia that specialised in the implementation of customised Xero solutions for clients, we have honed our expertise in building systems around the core Xero accounting system. Whether you need to look at a more efficient inventory management system, rostering software, or payroll solution, we can help select, integrate and the build system connections you need so all your systems can feed into your Xero accounting system.

Powerful Data Visualisation & Centralised Reporting Solutions

All businesses, no matter the size, can benefit from having their data presented in clear, easy to understand formats. Imagine what you could achieve if your data could be cut the way you want to see it automatically, without the manual manipulation that can result in human error. As business intelligence and analytics software specialists, we can help you build custom dashboards that pull from multiple data sources into one beautiful, clean interface; allowing you clear vision across your business so that you can make better, faster and more informed decisions on the go.

We work with a range of sophisticated partners to ensure that your cloud-based systems are fit-for-purpose, including:

Workday Adaptive

Dear Systems

Microsoft BI & Microsoft Power Automate


Approval Max





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Nick Grieve

Nick Grieve

Nick focuses on improving business processes, implementing high quality management reporting and business planning systems through digital solutions.

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