About the Program

Perks have multiple opportunities for graduates who are in their final year of study or have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, to kick start their careers!

Our Graduates at Perks gain the opportunity to work closely with our professional team members and clients, helping others to discover success. Alongside this, our Graduates can expect to:

  • Receive technical and soft skill training
  • Attend insightful information sessions
  • Build networks across the firm and wider community
  • Be supported to progress and build their career within the firm

Top Tips to Remember

Show us that you don’t just want a job, but a career – We want to see that you are committed to not just a job with Perks but a career.

Stand out and shine – Show us your passion to learn and develop and show us how you can contribute. We want you to succeed in your career and stand out from the crowd.

Understand Perks and what we can offer you – You need to understand Perks to ensure you feel you would fit in and enjoy coming to work. That’s why you should ask us questions within your interview or at career expos to have a complete understanding of who we are and what we do.

Come to your interview with questions – This is a chance for you to get to know Perks too!

Engage and grow your professional network prior to joining Perks and whilst you are at Perks.

Undertake professional work experience whilst you are studying.


We recently asked four of our Graduates why they chose Perks, what development opportunities they have had, what their favourite part of the Perks Graduate Program is, and so much more!

Check out this video to Meet our Graduates at Perks:

Daisy Shirley – Graduate, Business Services

Emmet Wildman – Undergraduate, Business Services

Binh Ong – Graduate, Audit

Shae-Lea Fischer – Graduate, Business Services



If you have any further questions regarding a graduate career at Perks, please call Kirsty MacPhail on tel:0448362255

Current Opportunities


Putting Your Application Together

Please include all items outlined below in your application to Perks:

Cover Letter
Your cover letter should include an overview of your skills, experience and what you are ideally looking for in a graduate position. Your cover letter should be no longer than 1 page.

Current Resume
Your resume is what sells you, it needs to outline your personal details (please ensure you include an e-mail address and a contact phone number), an overview of your education including your current degree, detail on any work experience or work history, volunteer work and the names and phone numbers of 2 referees, who are work or study related (not friends or family).

Copy of Academic Transcript
Please include a copy of your transcript.

Application Process

  1. Career Expos – Take advantage of talking to one of our friendly team members at career expos – they are there to answer your questions.
  2. Submit your application – If you like what you see and/or hear of Perks applying for a job at Perks, is only a step away. Click here.
  3. You’ll hear from us – Once you’ve submitted your application, we will be in touch to let you know if you have been successful in receiving an interview. You’ll be interviewed firstly by the Human Resources team, and if you progress further, by a Manager or Director. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and decide whether a career at Perks is the best choice for you.
  4. Receive an offer – If you’re successful and a good fit for Perks, we’ll make you an offer. After all, there’s no time like the present to spread your wings and start your career.



“I was fortunate enough to gain a place in the ‘Perks Summer Internship Program’, a program which provides a unique opportunity for tertiary students to gain exposure to the different pillars within Perks. During my Internship I was matched with highly experienced mentors who were able to expose me to the day-to-day at Perks. I quickly discovered that Perks would be an outstanding place to grow my career. After my Internship, I was offered a permanent position within one of the teams that I was originally allocated to during my Internship.”

“My favourite part of my role is the team environment at Perks. I am surrounded by a helpful, knowledgeable team who are very approachable and have made my transition into Perks seamless.”

“The first thing I noticed early on was the incredible culture at Perks. Perks has created a culture where employees are really looked after. There are a number of different initiatives run by Perks to look out for our health and wellbeing, as well those that support the workplace being fun and enjoyable. The culture at Perks is clearly built around bringing quality people into the firm and giving opportunities to grow and develop careers whilst also encouraging the social aspect and promoting work-life balance.”

– Harrison George, Accountant



“I first started out at Perks as an intern through the CA Achiever program. I was lucky enough to be offered an undergraduate role after my internship and continued on once I graduated university.”

“My favourite part of my current role is the wide range of interesting clients I work with. Some are more challenging that others but there is rarely a day that I don’t learn something new. Being in a smaller team makes it very easy to talk through more challenging policies with my colleagues.”

“Perks has a very social, welcoming culture where we are recognised for our hard work and achievements. If you are a hard-working, social person who doesn’t like any two weeks to be the same, Perks is the place for you.”

– Tessa Stewart, Senior Auditor




“I was lucky enough to secure an undergraduate role within the SMSF team at Perks whilst completing a Bachelor of Commerce. Now, as a Senior Accountant at Perks, I am exposed to a variety of different tasks that help with both my personal and professional development. This includes exposure to various client structures and the reasoning behind them, involvement in tax planning and year-end finalisation, and I’m even beginning to build my own list of clients through networking and being involved with the firm’s sponsorships.”

“My favourite part about the Perks team is the access to resources across the firm and willingness to share. Whether there is an issue that involves Finance, Investment, Tax or anything else, there is always someone that you can walk over to and have conversation with to come to a solution in no time at all.”

“The best thing about the culture of Perks is the people who work there. As an active member of the Social Club committee, I’m often attending or organising events. Seeing the new faces in the crowd, who find themselves immediately welcomed into the group, is fantastic. Having such an inclusive culture really helps to unwind at the end of a long week or during the turmoil of recent COVID times.”

– Jackson Davey, Senior Accountant



“I was fortunate enough to know a current employee at Perks who strongly recommend I apply for a graduate position. They spoke very highly of Perks and the opportunities that are provided for graduates.”

“Working in Business Services fills my days with a huge variety of tasks, ranging from preparing clients year end taxation/financials and monthly accounts. The role provides ongoing opportunities and challenges to complete more complex tasks.”

“My favourite part of my role and team at Perks is our close-knit team through the support we provide each other. It’s not all work, the team bonding and social events held really help new staff feel welcome and boosts office morale. I would definitely encourage someone to apply for a role at Perks.”

 – Kate Hochuli, Accountant

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