Our Vision

We believe in a world where people & private businesses can grow & prosper.

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At the heart of every business and individual is an explorer, seeking a promised land of independence and prosperity.

Our goal at Perks, is to guide you there.


At Perks, your needs come first

Since Perks was founded in 1981, we’ve established a reputation for helping others Discover Success through our sophisticated advisory, private wealth and business services.

As one of the largest privately-owned accounting and wealth advisory firms in Australia, we always operate in the best interests of our clients to help them meet their specific financial and business objectives.

At Perks, we firmly believe that the cornerstones of professional and personal success are founded on strong relationships, a strategic mindset and leadership.


The macroenvironment is constantly evolving and we are too

We look at our business as a constantly evolving organisation – we don’t believe in resting on the laurels of what we know and have achieved. The business environment is constantly changing, so staying static is not an option for us as independent business owners.

We invest in our own business to ensure that our advisers are equipped to deliver the most insightful, proactive and agile service possible, powered by state-of-the-art technology and best-practice systems.


We invest in our people, services and the latest technology

Our Team is experienced, engaged and motivated to make a positive difference in the world around them.

No matter your individual needs or aspirations, you can have the confidence that your handpicked Perks team is focused on growing and protecting your legacy.

We believe that great work is a result of great people and culture, so we invest in the prosperity of our Team Members, business and systems. Our Teams, already at the top of their field, are supported to continually grow their expertise and acumen through our professional development programs.

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