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From 30 June 2020, the South Australian land tax regime will undergo substantial changes.  These changes may have a significant impact on the amount of land tax payable and, in some instances, the amount of land tax payable can be reduced by taking action now.

As the first step in this process, RevenueSA is verifying the information they have for South Australian land holdings. The recent changes also introduced new requirements about what information you need to provide RevenueSA in relation to your land holdings.

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Changes to SA Land Tax from 30 June 2020

At a high level, the changes include:

    • Favourable adjustments to the general land tax rates, including:
      • An increase in the tax-free threshold from $392,000 to $450,000;
      • A decrease in the top marginal rate from 3.7% to 2.4%.
    • The introduction of surcharge land tax rates for trust held land;
    • An increase in the aggregation of land as follows:
      • The aggregation of all land interests (including fractional interests) held by a landowner.
      • The aggregation of all land interests (including fractional interests) held by two or more companies where those companies are “related”.

To collect the information required to administer the new land tax regime, the onus is being placed on landowners to login into a newly created Land Tax Portal and to disclose their landholding structures.

RevenueSA will Contact You

All landowners who own taxable land will receive a letter from RevenueSA.  Most landowners should have already received a letter.

The letter obligates the landowner to login to the Land Tax Portal and provide certain information.  The letter also includes instructions on how to do this.

A failure to login and provide accurate information may lead to an incorrect land tax assessment being issued, a tax default and the incurrence of penalty tax and interest.

Important Note: You should only receive a letter from RevenueSA with portal login details if you have land that is subject to land tax.  If you only own exempt land, such as your home, primary production land etc., then you will not receive a letter from RevenueSA and you will not be required to take any action.

What are your Options?

Perks can assist with the required Information Disclosure.

RevenueSA has now provided the functionality in the Land Tax Portal for an agent to submit the relevant information on behalf of a landowner. Accordingly, you have the option of engaging Perks to complete your Land Tax Portal information disclosure on your behalf.

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You can complete the Information Disclosure yourself.

In this scenario, you will be required to log into the Land Tax Portal and complete the Information Disclosure requested by RevenueSA. This process is completed for each individual letter that you have received, as it relates to individual holdings.

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The RevenueSA 2019-20 Land Tax Calculator is available HERE



Update: Proposed SA Land Tax Changes Amended

Update: Proposed SA Land Tax Changes Amended


This week the State Government announced amendments to the proposed changes to SA Land Tax.
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Proposed changes to SA Land Tax

Proposed changes to SA Land Tax


In handing down the South Australian State Budget for 2019, Treasurer Rob Lucas announced several changes to...
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