Perks picks for the 2023 Adelaide Festival

Posted on 3/2/2023

Adelaide Festival

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Perks Private Wealth is pleased to partner with the Adelaide Festival for a fourth consecutive year. The 2023 Adelaide Festival brings together a slate of some of the most diverse performances in recent memory. Boasting a broad range of genres and first-class talent from all over the globe, this year’s Adelaide Festival line-up promises to be a stunning celebration of the depth, richness and originality of both international and homegrown arts and culture Here are our predictions for 2023’s Festival favourites.
Adelaide Festival 2023 Airplay

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The original Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde novel was a genre-defining sensation by Robert Louis Stevenson, and forever transformed the Gothic literature landscape. Since then, it has been adapted for theatre plays all over the globe and captured the imagination of millions. However, Kip Williams’ adaptation of the cult classic is a cut above the rest.

With painstaking attention to detail and a captivating style of storytelling, the award-winning creative team behind The Picture of Dorian Gray have done exceptionally well to bring this 19th century tale to life in the 21st century, with the same freshness to appeal to modern audiences.

The production features actors Matthew Backer and Ewen Leslie in key roles and follows the story of Dr. Henry Jekyll, his friend Mr. Gabriel Utterson and the enigmatic Mr. Edward Hyde. Exploring the themes of good versus evil, and the boundaries of morality that govern our day-to-day behaviours, this is a spellbinding performance of the highest class.


Hans and Gret

The classic tale of the two children and the witch in the forest gets a modern twist. In a society obsessed with slowing the pace of aging, Hans and Gret see their mother return from a health retreat carrying the fresh face of a teenager. However, unlike the dystopian world’s beauty standards, the truth goes much beyond skin-deep and hides a shocking reality.

As the community is faced with scores of mysteriously missing children, Hans and Gret find themselves on a clandestine path that brings unforeseen dangers. As a children’s tale reimagined for adult audiences, Hans and Gret tugs on the heartstrings of nostalgia while taking viewers on a tense journey that explores family ties, betrayal, and perseverance.

You will be treated to an immersive theatrical experience from internationally acclaimed South Australian company, Windmill Theatre, combined with cutting-edge audio technology simulating whispered conversation directly into your ear thanks to tech wizards from Sandpit.  Prepare yourself for a psychological rollercoaster as you follow Hans and Gret into the witch’s lair…


Air Play

An international wonder, Air Play has enthralled audiences across the globe – from Chile and London to Shanghai, Melbourne and now Adelaide. With a minimalistic style, Air Play features flying umbrellas, balloons, and fabrics to demonstrate the power of the air that surrounds us. Created by two former circus performers – Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone – the story revolves around two siblings exploring a land of air, and the wonders and magical moments that come with it.

The beauty of Air Play lies in its use of simple materials and movement to create truly exceptional imagery and visual spectacles. The production is transcendent across age groups and backgrounds and inspires roars of laughter and gasps of awe in people of all ages. As a fully wordless production, Air Play is truly visual poetry at its finest.

Whether you are a fan of the circus, a theatre connoisseur or a comedy lover, Air Play has something in it for everyone.


Other Festival Highlights

Messa da Requiem

Giuseppe Verdi initially wrote Messa da Requiem in honour of Alessandro Manzoni, a poet and philosopher that Verdi greatly admired and whose death was widely mourned. Harnessing the drama and spectacle of opera in a soulful expression of loss, Messa da Requiem is truly an awe-inspiring show for lovers of dance, opera, choral music and theatre alike.

Helmed by Christian Spuck, who won ballet’s greatest honour in 2019 for best choreography, Messa da Requiem combines over 170 local singers and musicians from the Adelaide Festival Chorus and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, together with 36 dancers from Europe’s pre-eminent Ballett Zürich for an unforgettable theatrical event.

Intense, enchanting and at a scale hitherto unseen, this Australian exclusive production is one for the ages and cannot be missed!



Spearheaded by a team of First Nations creatives from Australian Dance Theatre, in association with ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, Tracker pays homage to director-choreographer Daniel Riley’s great-great uncle, Alec “Tracker” Riley. As a member of the Wirdadjuri Aboriginal group, and the New South Wales Police Force for over four decades, Alec bridged the oft-divergent paths between the Wiradjuri people and the enforced colonial system.

Blending dance, music and text into rich storytelling, Tracker sheds light on the challenges and battles that the First Nations people navigated over the course of multiple generations. There is also an added layer of poignancy from the fact that the production has been designed, executed, and brought to life by a renowned team of First Nations creatives for a world exclusive performance.

Written by award-winning playwright Ursula Yovich, and co-directed by Daniel Riley and Rachael Maza AM, Tracker is every bit as engaging and memorable as the life of its honorary character. Join the team on this beautiful and powerful retelling of the lives of one of the Wiradjuri’s most notable public figures.

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