Top 5 Ways to Alleviate the Pain of Business Loans

We can assist you with your business loan, making the process seamless & headache free.

1. Get someone to do the legwork for you

Don’t do the back and forth with the bank yourself; let us do all the hard work of sourcing & assessing rates, terms & facilities from our wide network of lenders.

2. Do it once, do it right

We help you complete and submit your loan application, with all necessary supporting documents, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s to ensure there are no delays.

3. Leverage someone who knows someone

Our commercial loans team have experience working in some of the big 4 banks, so you can be assured they know what you need to provide in order to get your business loan over the line.

4. Kill many birds with one stone

Piece of mind knowing that Perks can cast the business loan net, with a wide range of credible lenders (not just banks!)

5. Get a relationship going

Not all Relationship Managers are created equal; with Perks you have someone in your corner that is acting in the best interests of your business objectives, not just trying to sell you a certain product.

Our Panel of Commercial & Business Lenders include

Adelaide Bank Commercial, ANZ Commercial, ARCH Finance,  Australian First Mortgage, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of Queensland, Bank SA Commercial, Bankwest Business, CBA Commercial, CBA Commercial Connect, IMB Commercial, FlexiCommercial, ING Direct Commercial, Latrobe Commercial, Liberty Financial, Macquarie Commercial, Medfin, Merchant Mortgages, NAB Commercial, Paramount Commercial, Pepper Commercial, Qualitas, Scottish Pacific, St George Commercial, Suncorp Commercial, Suncorp Small Business,
Think Tank Commercial, Westpac Commercial

Yes, I want a headache free business loan.

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