Being proactive and putting in place a succession plan to manage changes in ownership can be both daunting and overwhelming. At Perks we can ease the burden by providing a comprehensive and pragmatic approach, tailored to the succession needs of your

Perks succession planning allows business owners to prepare for a change in ownership, whether expected or not, and gives them the opportunity to:

  • Minimise business disruption
  • Provide financial security to the business
  • Minimise the potential of the business needing to be sold to external parties
  • Reduce the potential financial stress to the purchase
  • Ensure that the business ownership is transferred in the most tax effective manner


Succession Planning Considers:

  • You or another shareholder deciding to exit the business
  • You or another shareholder becoming seriously ill for a prolonged period of time
  • A member of your family joining the business
  • You or another shareholder’s death or becoming permanently and totally disabled


Perks Succession Planning Process:

  1. An evaluation of your business
    • We review your business’s financial position and performance, calculate its market value and, where applicable, work with you at implementing strategies to maximise its value in the market
  2. Determining your succession needs
    • We work with stakeholders to review potential changes of ownership, insurance needs, corporate governance issues and business implications thereon
    • Our aim is to be transparent and to ensure that all personal succession plans and aspirations are taken into consideration
  3. Preparing your Succession Plan
    • We prepare a succession plan tailored to your business and the individual stakeholder’s requirements
  4. Estate Planning
    • We work with legal representatives on your behalf to ensure that your legal documents including shareholders/partnership agreements, wills and letters of wishes are prepared in accordance with your succession plan

The Perks succession planning approach aims to reduce the stress of such circumstances, so that you can focus on the ongoing success of your business.

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