Nic provides advice to private clients to help guide them on the journey to achieve their personal and financial goals. In particular, he is experienced in providing advice to owners of private businesses who are looking to translate business success to personal wealth.


With over 15 years’ experience, Nic strives to achieve a thorough understanding of each of his clients’ financial positions, what success means for them and their unique motivations. In addition, his focus remains firmly on understanding and managing risk and ultimately finding the right balance between risk and reward.

Nicolas enjoys working collaboratively with fellow Perks advisers, stakeholders and his clients to achieve their goals through a unified approach.

Nicolas strives to gain a thorough understanding of each client's motivation, goals and financial position.

Qualifications & Associations

  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Master’s Degree in Financial Planning
  • Currently studying a law degree part-time

Nic as an individual

If you weren’t a financial adviser what would you like to be:  When I was very young I would have said a doctor, but now I would say a professional Bridge player. I’ve actually played at junior level for Australia and it was a lot of fun!

Outside of work: I enjoy collecting quality South Australian red wine – a great way to support the local economy and an interesting journey to see how the wines develop over time. With a young daughter I also try to spend as much time as I can with her. It gives you a great perspective when you see someone taking on the world for the first time with no preconceived ideas about the best way to solve a problem.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 2 items would you take: Ideally a magic lamp, but if that’s not possible a Swiss army knife and deck of cards.