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The below Perks summary table lays out the key economic levers that you can leverage for your business, with a cursory indication as to the complexity of effort that each requires.

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Allied Health Services Summary

Available Economic Levers



Reduce Power

Cancel/ Defer Subscription Services

Cancel Cleaning/ Waste Clearing Services

Merchant Fees
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P&I Conversion
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Address Surplus Stock

Deferral of 2019 Income Tax returns

Deferral of March 2020 BAS

Deferral of other Existing/ New tax debts

Cash Flow Boost ($20k-$100k)
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Rent Holiday

Rent Deferment

Review/ Reduce Insurance Costs

Repayment Deferral
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Reduce Suppliers & Contractors

Vary PAYG instalments to nil or negative balance


Commercial Lease Code of Conduct
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Working Capital Loan
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Top 10 Allied Health FAQs

You can only provide JobKeeper payments to those employed through the payroll and one business owner who is not on the payroll. Contractors are running their own businesses and need to apply in their own right as sole traders for JobKeeper support
The projection was accurate at the time of lodging and was therefore correct upon application. Over the coming weeks, restrictions will undoubtedly continue to change, so it would not be expected that your projection be updated each time. Keep in mind, you only need to satisfy the turnover test once; you do not need to reapply every month. Importantly, however, if you are relying on projections rather than actuals you need to ensure however that projections are justified with reasonable assumptions which are documented and retained as these will need to be provided to the ATO on subsequent audit.
There are no grouping provisions from our review of the Bills and Explanatory Memorandum.  Again however, there are anti-avoidance provisions designed to prevent the artificial obtaining of increased or additional boost payments.

It is up to the landlord and tenant to determine how the code is implemented having regard to their lease agreement.

The arrangements will be overseen by a binding mediation process administered by the States and Territories.

Banks are also being implored to “come to the table” and provide support for landlords.

More details will be known once the code of conduct is released.

No – there is no legal entitlement to be paid annual leave during a true stand down. It is at the discretion of the employer if they are willing and able to allow employees to access accrued annual leave entitlements during a stand down. It is important to keep in mind that any agreement to do so should be recorded in writing.
At a high level, the mandatory code of conduct will provide tenants a waiver or deferral on their rent where the tenant:
  • Has a turnover of $50M or less; and
  • Is entitled to participate in the JobKeeper Payment programme.
Each bank has a different eligibility criteria to access this support. Generally, this will apply to Small and Medium Enterprises with total lending limits up to $3m, less than $10m turnover and less than 100 employees. We suggest that  you support any request with an explanation as to how your business has been impacted by the COVID—19 pandemic, explaining what costs you have managed to contain or remove and, if possible, assess the impact that the pandemic is likely to have on your revenue and cash flow. If you can provide a 3 - 6 month forecast to support your request this would be very helpful and may speed up the process. If you are a current client of Perks, no matter what services you currently use, we can work with your bank on your behalf.
As the banks grapple with the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals and businesses we are seeing high wait periods with all the banks. The principle focus for banks at this point in time is assisting their customers who are impacted. Loan applications already ‘in the system’ (both residential and business) are being delayed. We continue to work very closely with the banks for all our clients. If you want us to take a look at your loan, you can expect the initial review and feedback from the Perks Finance team to take up to 5 business days.
To qualify for Accelerated Depreciation, the asset has to be purchased and installed by 30 June 2021.
Not legally. It is up to the employer to decide whether it wishes to access JobKeeper for eligible employees. It is important to bear in mind that the key principle behind the scheme is:
  1. To allow employees to access payment outside of Centrelink; and,
  2. To allow employers and employees to remain connected, so that businesses can get up and running again quickly when the crisis has passed, without having to re-hire staff.
So whilst there is no legal obligation, there are some excellent benefits for both employers and employees which should be taken into consideration.

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Top Allied Health Downloads


Managing staff in a post JobKeeper world

Managing staff in a post JobKeeper world


With JobKeeper now closed, businesses need to look closely at their workforce to ensure they are well...
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Phase 2: Government-guaranteed loans now available to SMEs

Phase 2: Government-guaranteed loans now available to SMEs


Banking & Finance

The Federal Government’s loan scheme to assist small and medium-sized companies impacted by COVID-19 has been extended,...
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Business levers for sudden lockdowns & restrictions

Business levers for sudden lockdowns & restrictions


Business Advisory

Find out what economic levers are available when your business is affected by a sudden change to...
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Our HR Consultancy, Perks People Solutions, has developed an easy to use Employer’s Handbook, which addresses the most common concerns and considerations for Australian workplaces during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more here

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Personal Mental Health Resources
Healthy Workplace Support
General Community Wellbeing

A selection of resources to help parents & carers to communicate and support child mental health. Specific resources for COVID-19 communications with children are also available here:

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National Coronavirus Helpline

Call this line if you are seeking information on coronavirus (COVID-19). The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Australian health advice:

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National status, government response alerts and media releases:

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