Perks provides advice to Directors of privately owned business and not-for-profits in relation to their organisation’s governance to ensure it reflects correct rights and responsibilities of the various parties including Boards, Managers and Shareholders.


This has become even more critical due to the litigious environment in which directors operate. At Perks, we have the experience and knowledge to minimise this risk.

It is critical to ensure the Board and Management:

  • Understands the external and internal compliance requirements facing the organisation
  • Has comprehensive policies and procedures is place that, when followed, will ensure compliance
  • Creates a business environment that encourages compliance with policies and procedures
  • Integrates compliance risks and opportunities into the core business strategy

Perks Advisory Board Services

An Advisory Board is a select group of independent people who provide advice and support to the owners, shareholders and directors of a business. They give non-binding strategic advice to organisations providing greater flexibility in how they are structured and managed when compared to a board of directors.

At Perks we understand that running a privately-owned business can be a lonely and sometimes daunting role, and that having access to high quality advice from an Advisory Board can go a long way towards mitigating these issues and enhancing your business’s chance of success.

Advisory Boards allow business owners to access a different array of skills and perspectives from a group of people who have experience beyond their own

Other key benefits include:

  • Exposure to the knowledge and experience of others, including knowledge about local metrics and data in the current social, legal, political and trading environment
  • The opportunity to form associations with respected and influential people
  • Enhancing a company’s relationship networks and positively influencing its reputation (board members become company advocates)
  • Enhanced company credibility in the marketplace and, as a result, increased consumer and investor confidence
  • Attracting high performance employees by demonstrating a commitment to business growth
  • Providing valuable objective perspectives on business issues. especially for family businesses

Advisory Boards can be customised to meet the needs of any business owner at a particular point in time. The structure, advisors appointed, method of operation and level of usage can also be tailored as needed. If you would like more information or advice on setting up an Advisory Board for your business, get in touch with Perks today.

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