The ongoing running of a business may be affected by the death or disablement of owners, partners or key staff within a business. It is therefore critical to the ongoing running of a business that owners proactively think through and plan how debt and the transfer of shareholdings will be dealt with through the appropriate use of buy/sell arrangements, funding of capital gains tax, stamp duty and other associated costs.


If you are a business owner, shareholder or key decision maker within a business, reviewing your needs in the event of:

  • Unexpected death
  • Disablement
  • Serious illness

is a critical step in understanding some of the key financial drivers in a business. This involves understanding not only the owners of the business, but also key individuals within the business without who the business may suffer financially.

In addition to this, where a business has borrowings or has provided guarantees (often against the value of personal assets) then ensuring this aspect is covered off in the event of a tragedy is a critical step.

Our team at Perks will guide each key decision maker through the process, ensuring their unique needs and the best financial interest of the business are thoroughly considered in the setting up of cover. This includes:

  • Holding initial meetings with key decision makers to determine what levels of cover need to be implemented. Including, where appropriate, the most tax-effective method of providing this.
  • Pre-assess any health / occupation issues that may be pertinent to key decision makers’ individual scenarios
  • Managing the formal lodgement of applications for cover where needed
  • Negotiate any terms with the Insurer on behalf of the key decision makers
  • Arrange payment details
  • Arrange any medical information or tests that are sometimes required to gain cover
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of any financial statements that may be required
  • Once completed, audit any existing cover in place and ensure this lines up with the client’s expectations and aligns with the goals of business
  • Ongoing annual review to ensure the policies continue to cover key decision makers through the changing business environment

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Budgets & Cashflows Business Protection Insurance Group Income Protection Management Accounting Personal Risk Protection

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