Our team are able to provide specific advice on all of your banking and finance needs. This may range from a complete review of your existing banking arrangements, more specific advice around your facility and product requirements, the assets you provide to the bank as security or interest rates.

We work with our clients who have, or are about to hit, a major speedbump within their business. Alternatively, you may have come up against some unplanned financial hurdles.

Invariably, some clients are not sure how to effectively communicate with their bank or they simply do not know what to do next.

For example:

  • How do you explain to your bank that your business has made a loss?
  • How would you explain to them that you have lost a major client or a major contract, or that your largest customer has gone out of business?
  • What do you do if you have heard that your bank doesn’t ‘like’ your industry?

Our team at Perks strategically assist you to work through how best to approach the bank on matters that may seem difficult or unusual.

We will work through the challenge with you and importantly advise on:

  • What information the bank will require
  • How best to relay that information to the bank
  • The plan that has been developed to address and/or fix the problem

We can attend any meetings you have with your bank so that you can be confident that you will get the best possible outcome.


Getting The Most From Your Bank

When your business is performing well it is an opportune time for us to review your existing banking arrangements and look for further efficiencies and savings. For example our team will review:

  • Are you giving the bank too much information?
  • Is the information you are giving the bank adding value to your business?
  • Are the facilities that you currently have in place right for your business?
  • How does the bank view your business from a risk assessment perspective?
  • Have you given your bank too much in terms of security?
  • Is the interest rate you are paying too high?

We can review your current banking arrangements to ensure your bank is doing its best to look after you and your business.


Banking Expert Witness Services

Bruce Debenham has over twenty years experience with the finance and banking, insolvency and management consulting industries. Bruce was the Head of Risk for National Australia Bank in SA/NT and the National Head of Credit for Rural Bank. Prior to that he worked for two of the “Big Four” accounting firms specialising in turnarounds and insolvency.

Using his banking and insolvency skills Bruce is able to act as an expert witness in banking and finance related matters with a particular focus on credit risk management and the application of internal credit policy and procedure to specific matters.

Bruce has acted as an Expert Witness for three of the “Big Four” banks as well as a leading Australian insolvency firm and has experience in being cross-examined in the Supreme Court of South Australia with regard to an expert witness report.

Perks Finance Pty Ltd is the holder of an Australian Credit Licence No. 378241.

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